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Over 25 years of experience in the towbar industry

Types of Towbars

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Types of Towbars

Over 25 years of experience in the towbar industry.

So you know you want to buy a towbar, but which type is right for you? It may seem complex at first but if we break it down, the two main types of towbar are flange towbars and swan neck towbars. Flange towbars are often better suited to commercial towing, whereas swan neck towbars have a sleeker design and are less bulky.

Depending on your vehicle, you may also have the option of a fixed towbar which is permanently attached to your vehicle or a detachable towbar with which the neck can be removed.

Compare the different types of towbars available below to see which one is right for you. But remember: not all towbar types are available for every vehicle.

Fixed flange

The towball is attached to a faceplate and is a permanent fixture of your vehicle. This type of towbar is perfect for those who do a lot of towing and is compatible with a variety of accessories. It’s also usually the cheapest option.

  • Tow and carry bikes simultaneously
  • AL-KO towballs can be fitted
  • Towing couplings and accessories can be fitted

Detachable flange

The detachable flange is strong and dynamic, much like the fixed flange. However, for your convenience, it is also removable.

  • Removable and won’t affect parking sensors when you’re not towing
  • Tow and carry bikes simultaneously
  • Towing couplings and accessories can be fitted
A&S Towbars
A&S Towbars
A&S Towbars

Fixed swan neck

The fixed swan neck is a more streamlined and elegant option than the previous two. It’s also compatible with AL-KO stabilisers, but note that you cannot tow and carry bikes simultaneously.

  • Unlikely to trigger parking sensors
  • A little more expensive than the flange towbar
  • Can’t be fitted with a bumper shield

Detachable swan neck

The detachable swan neck shares the fixed variant’s aesthetic appeal, but has the added benefit of being removable. This is great if you’re someone who isn’t towing regularly.

  • Compatible with AL-KO stabilisers
  • Less likely to trigger parking sensors
  • Can’t be fitted with a bumper shield

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A&S Towbars
A&S Towbars
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