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Safe and secure access to your van’s roof

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Van Ladders & Restraints

Safe and secure access to your van’s roof.

All our van roof access ladders can be fitted by our experienced professionals through our convenient mobile fitting service. We only offer Rhino ladders, as we firmly believe they’re the best on the market.

Rhino Ladders For Vans

Combining durability and aesthetics, the Rhino Aluminium Ladder is one of the best roof access products on the market. Featuring robust aluminium handrails and glass-filled nylon rungs, this ladder balances weight and strength perfectly. Being almost 50% lighter than the Rhino ladders that came before it, it has also been tested rigorously to ensure it can withstand loads of up to 120kg.

The ladder is available in six, seven and eight rung variants, and comes with bespoke fitting kits to suit a wide range of commercial vehicles.

Van Ladder Restraints

SafeStow4: If you’re looking for a ladder restraint that’s secure and easy to handle, you need the SafeStow4. Easy to mount and dismount, it also features gas ram assisted lifting, taking the headache out of dealing with your ladder entirely.

LadderStow: The LadderStow is perfect for those looking for a simple and ergonomic solution when it comes to loading and unloading your ladder. No need to risk climbing or stretching to access your equipment anymore!

SafeClamp: Utilising a composite beam structure and stainless steel anchor hook, Rhino’s SafeClamp is the ultimate way to secure your roof ladder. Operating with just one touch, it’s five times quicker than traditional screw clamps.

A&S Towbars
A&S Towbars
A&S Towbars

Van Roof Bars & Roof Racks

Our sturdy, high-quality roof bars and roof racks are perfectly suited for commercial use. We choose Rhino as the sole supplier of our roof rack products as we wholeheartedly believe they are by far the best in the industry. Take a look at our roof bar products below.

KammBar Pro: Offering superior aerodynamic design, impressive strength and an anti-corrosion finish, the KammBar Pro is the only roof bar you will ever need. It increases the storage capacity of any van and is easy to assemble too, so you can get to work straight away and start reaping the benefits.

KammBar Fleet: This particular roof bar is made from high-tensile alloyed steel, meaning it’s one of the strongest roof racks you can find anywhere on the market. It can be fitted to a wide variety of commercial vehicles too, so no matter what sort of van you have, you can make the KammBar Fleet work.

Delta Bar: Another high-tensile alloyed steel roof bar, Rhino’s Delta Bar is also a contender for the strongest roof rack out there. The Delta Bar also comes with a range of accessories, such as stainless steel rear rollers, a beacon bracket and Rhino load stops.

Portetube Pro: A complete redesign of Rhino’s massively popular PipeTube, the Portetube Pro is now the best system available for the transportation of copper piping and other kinds of lengthy materials. Featuring an integrated locking system and a new weather seal, this is an instant upgrade to any commercial vehicle.

AluminiumRack: Rhino’s AluminiumRack is the perfect amalgamation of strength, performance and style. Thanks to its simultaneously robust and lightweight aluminium alloy construction, this roof rack is durable and aerodynamic, perfect for any serious commercial van owner.

Want to learn more about our steps, roof bars, ladders and restraints and other commercial towing services? Give the A&S team a call today and a member of our team will be happy to help. We’re based around Basildon and Southend.

A&S Towbars
A&S Towbars
A&S Towbars
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